Is DAP banking on ‘loose cannon’ Tony Pua as lone voice to denounce partial pardon for ‘King Klepto’?

MORE THAN a decade after unearthing the scandal that rocks (impoverished) Malaysia alongside now Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli, perhaps it is understandable why “1MDB warrior” Tony Pua Kiam Wee is unable to restrain himself from painting sarcastic remarks over the recent partial pardon of disgraced former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

In so doing, the former Damansara MP has perhaps did a saving grace stunt for DAP whose current leadership has apparently been numb and silent over ‘the discounted’ jail term and fine accorded to Najib whom he dubbed as “King Klepto”.

It is worth noting that DAP’s Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh came closest to Pua in denouncing Friday’s (Feb 2) Federal Territories Pardons Board decision to halve Najib’s jail sentence to six years by hinting that Malaysia’s progress in halting its decline on the Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) could be undone.

But the gravity of the DAP lawmaker’s remark pales in comparison with that of Pua’s social media sarcasm till UMNO Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh has rallied the movement to lodge a nationwide police report on the 51-year-old former DAP publicity secretary.

But before we get to Akmal’s harsh rection, below are snapshots of all “King Klepto”-related posts which appear on Pua’s Facebook page – in all probability, could have been made in a personal capacity – since Friday (Feb 2) (in chronological order):


Inshallah, the police report against Tony Pua will be initiated nationwide by UMNO Youth for his rudeness in disputing the decision made by the YDPA (Yang di-Pertuan Agong). See u in court a**hole [sic],” the Merlimau state assemblyman hit out against Pua in a post accessible on the UMNO Online Facebook page.

Interestingly, Puteri UMNO through its chief Datuk Nurul Amal Mohd Fauzi also slammed as “absolutely unacceptable” Pua’s numerous posts which seemingly displayed the savagery of DAP members towards the 16th YDPA decision.

“Puteri UMNO firmly urged Tony Pua to openly apologise aside from wishing to remind DAP’s top leadership to always prevent their party members from issuing or expressing statements that could spark controversy by fully respecting the ties of cooperation in the unity government.” – Feb 4, 2024

Main pic credit: M-Star

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