Is it true 4 out of 5 Malaysians are dissatisfied with the state of the country’s economy?

A RATHER Malay-centric survey by a social media group has found that 81% of Malaysians are dissatisfied with the economic environment of the country under the Madani government after 10 months in power.

Apart from economic woes, the nationwide study involving 5,000 respondents of whom 95% are made up of Malays throughout the month of September 2023 by OK Media also shows an increase in grouses over the implementation of legislation and the stability of the unity government.

“From an economic point of view, more than four out of five participants expressed their dissatisfaction when asked about the state of the Madani economy, raising various livelihood issues including stagnant food supply, skyrocketing food prices and costs of basic needs as well as reduced job opportunities and remuneration,” the pollster pointed out in a Facebook post.

For the record, majority of the respondents are from Selangor (36.3%), Federal Territory (10.8%), Johor (10.7%) and Perak (8.9%) while Kedah has the most number of respondents among the PAS-rule states with 5.3%, followed by Kelantan (3.9%) and Terengganu (3.3%).

Politically, more than four out of five participants also expressed dissatisfaction with the release of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi from his corruption charges as well as erosion of trust in the implementation of legislation.

“Dissatisfied views with the current government’s performance were also expressed when again four out of five respondents reckoned that the current government would not last. In fact, three out of every four participants hope for a change of government before the situation worsens,” the survey found.

However, three out of every five participants agreed not to touch on the 3R (race, religion and royalty) sentiments in expressing their dissatisfaction.

“Among the reasons given are the protection of the rights and purity of religion, compliance with the law and apprehension over the vague implementation of the law,” added the OK Media survey. – Oct 6, 2023

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