Is there a PR1MA scandal brewing?

IN a recent video, Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming is seen criticising owners who bought the houses under the PR1MA programme as well as PPR houses, only to rent them out.

According to him, the houses should be occupied by those in need and the act of renting them out is against the real goal set by the government, which is to allow more Malaysians to own their own dwellings.

“If this continues, the aim of the government to have more Malaysians own their houses will never be achieved.

“Now if PR1MA takes action and cancels the contracts (of those who are renting), please do not blame someone else,” he warned.

@osedapdotcomYB Nga Kor Ming menyelar mereka yang membeli rumah PR1MA dan PPR, tetapi menyewakannya kepada orang lain. Menurut beliau, rumah-rumah tersebut sepatutnya ditempati oleh mereka yang memerlukan, dan tindakan menyewakan adalah bertentangan dengan matlamat sebenar Baca artikel penuh di Website Osedapdotcom. Klik Link di bio sekarang! Sumber : @kpkt_malaysia (Facebook) Untuk kredit atau apa2 berkaitan video, boleh DM min dulu ye 🥰 #osedapdotcom #KPKTmalaysia #kementerianperumahandankerajaantempatan #Ngakorming #ybngakorming #malaysiamadani♬ original sound – osedapdotcom

He also said many are renting out their houses and claiming they do not have a house of their own to live in.

Netizens had their share of thoughts on the minister’s statement. Many agreed with the minister on the matter.

(Yes, that’s correct. Many people are buying PR1MA homes at subsidised prices and then renting out those homes.

(As mentioned by Nga, if this issue is not stopped, the goal for every Malaysian to own their own home will never be achieved.)

(I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I hope the Selangor government can do the same for Selangorku homes. Give them to the people of Selangor; outsiders and those with money can buy them and then rent them out for investment. I hope Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari can tighten the conditions even more.)

Meanwhile, one netizen gave an insight on what is supposedly happening with the PR1MA houses. He blamed the situation on a lack of enforcement or the absence of a monitoring body.

(In the sale and purchase agreement (SNP) of PR1MA homes, it is indeed stated that they cannot be rented out within a period of five years. However, many people still manage to obtain the keys, make some renovations, and then immediately rent them out. This is because there is a lack of enforcement and monitoring bodies.) – Nov 11, 2023


Main photo credit: Kosmo

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