Is there selective prosecution involving our politicians?

WHILE most of us support the Anti-Hopping Act with some fine-tuning, I believe a large number of voters would also welcome a law prohibiting those with pending court, criminal and civil cases to go on garden leave, pending the final outcome.

As a voter, I am surprised how those with such cases looming over them are so confidently moving about, freely making numerous statements and even taking pot-shots at others.

I strongly agree that a person is presumed innocent till proven guilty, but here, we are not talking about the average Malaysian Joe.

Those implicated in such allegations are politicians in very high positions, both in their respective parties and even in the current administration.

Apart from those embroiled in pending court cases involving corrupt practises, there are also those who are yet to clear themselves of certain looming sexual allegations.

While we are assured there will be closure to the pending court cases, what about those involving sexual allegations?

As voters, especially from the constituencies of those involved in the allegations, we demand to know the outcome of the investigations.

How come those concerned, including the Attorney-General and even the home minister have remained silent on these allegations? Is there some sort of cover-up or have the authorities categorised the files as NFA just because they concern someone in the Government?

How come someone like Ebit Lew was so swiftly detained and his case brought to court while allegations involving high-ranking politicians just vanish into thin air?

I think, as voters, we have a constitutional right to know, whether the politician or politicians concerned are innocent or guilty.

The authorities concerned must issue a relevant statement to clear the air so we, the voters have all the facts before us to make decision at the next general election (GE).

We certainly would not want to accidentally be voting a robber, rapist or any other sexual offender into high office again. – March 12, 2022


Abdul Razak AhmadTaman Tun Dr IsmailKuala Lumpur

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