Is this the end of Najib or a new beginning for Bossku?

FORMER premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s supporters outside the court were disappointed when he received a 12-year prison sentence in the SRC International case. Despite this, they remain hopeful in the legal system and in Najib’s image as ‘Bossku’.

As he was being transported to his jail cell, supporters chanted “Bebas Bossku” (Free Bossku) and “Hidup Bossku” (Long live Bossku).

The former Pekan MP was accompanied by police and Prisons Department officers in a government vehicle with tinted windows.

The supporters gave a final hurrah to Najib as he departed. While his supporters may hold out hope, Najib’s fate appears to have been sealed with his sentencing. However, some analysts and his supporters would say otherwise.

Some firmly believe that his political career will likely survive his latest legal defeat. They say it is because he does not have the same enemies now as before, with the unity government consisting of the Barisan Nasional (BN) and former rival of Pakatan Harapan (PH).

This has in some ways, dampened the enthusiasm of the PH supporters to celebrate outright Najib’s recent failures.

For some reason, Najib could also be appealing to the Perikatan Nasional (PN) and the PAS in particular, as demonstrated by a post from former PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat’s son Nik Mohamad Abduh.

Najib pinned the response from the PAS politician on his Facebook page.

In the post, Nik Abduh as he is known, said:

Nik Abduh used to believe that Najib was not given due process and justice by the courts but remained silent since he thought he did not have a good understanding of how the law functions.

“I then pray for him to persevere in the face of punishment and trials. This world has an outer and an inner side. Wisdom is always in the inner side that needs to be dug.

“Today, when the Chief Justice of Sabah and Sarawak Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli, the chairman (most senior) of the five-judge panel to the application for review of the sentence on Najib gave the same view in his sentencing that there was a clear injustice, then I realised that the initial view I used to be not naive, even meritorious.

“May the national justice system continue to be fought for by all the people so that it always exists and improves. Fair or unfair in this world, it’s just a temporary and testing life journey. The day of retribution will be absolute justice from the creator who is just and great. That’s what I want to say..”

On social media platforms, such as Facebook, for example, support for ‘Bossku’ is enormous.

Facebook user Mohammad Ridzwan said:

In English, the user is saying the judge in question is the only judge who agreed with the arguments of Najib’s legal team.

“He is the most senior judge of the 5 members of the panel, one panel is only a judge of the Court of Appeal.”

In fact, he has served as a Federal Court Judge longer than the current Chief Justice Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat.

“He was also nominated by the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) to fill one of the most senior positions in 2018. But was rejected by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad and Tommy Thomas.

“Datuk Rahman stance today is correct even though he is unable to free Najib. But this is a signal to the judiciary that justice (should be served) and the rights of those who are oppressed should be stopped immediately. Don’t be cruel.” — April 1, 2023

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