Jay Chou faces backlash against racist football fans

TAIWANESE pop star Jay Chou has become the target of toxic and racist attacks by Malaysian football fans unhappy over a ticket shortage today because of a planned concert, faced backlash on social media for their attitude and ignorance.

While the singer’s Instagram account was flooded with angry and racist comments, Chou responded saying he is willing to postpone his concert and that football fans should question the stadium management instead of attacking him.

The response earned praise and support on Facebook, where netizens felt the football fans were out of order. Some flagged the hypocrisy of those who attacked the Taiwanese singer on his social media network, others said it was a politically-linked attack, but most were shocked by the treatment some Malaysians reserved for the singer.

Facebook user named Md Akmal said those blaming the concert are not real Harimau Malaya supporters or part of the so-called “Bangsa Final”.

For most of the Harimau Malaya matches, particularly the first qualifying rounds, there were plenty of empty seats in the stadium, said Akmal.

User Lim Yoke Ping said:

Many users were surprised by the attacks against Jay Chou. They expressed their concerns over this type of angry response.

User Brandon Ngoh added:

Expressing surprise at the attacks, YokeKwon Leong said:

In response to the attacks on his Instagram page, Chou said all he wants to do is perform for his Malaysian fans.

“To Malaysian football fans, I know that you all take football seriously. I have no problem with cooperating and delaying the concert, but the focus is that you should all ask the football association or venue organiser.

“Whether or not I delay my concert shouldn’t be a problem, I just want to be allowed to sing to my fans,” he said.

User Aziz Shukor said:  — Jan 7, 2023

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