Johari Abdul nominated as speaker of Dewan Rakyat

JOHARI Abdul of the Parti Keadilan Rakayt (PKR) has resigned from his state seat in Gurun, Kedah, indicating that he will be the speaker candidate for the unity government when the lower house convenes tomorrow (Dec 19).

According to the former Sungai Petani MP, he will be elected as the new Dewan Rakyat speaker, and there are only two candidates for the position so far, one of whom is a former minister from the opposition Bersatu.

Johari announced his resignation in a video posted on his Facebook page today, in which he said his vacating the seat had been notified to the Kedah state assembly speaker and was effective immediately.

“I, Datuk Johari Abdul, Kedah assemblyman N.22 Gurun have already sent a letter to YB Datuk Johari Mulat, Datuk speaker of Kedah state assembly.

“The letter has been validly received dated Dec 13, 2022. The gist of the letter is that I, Datuk Johari Abdul, hereby inform YB Datuk Speaker that I am vacating the N.22 Gurun state assembly seat that I represent with immediate effect,” he said.

He told Suara Keadilan that he was named the new speaker of the Dewan Rakyat and will be elected tomorrow  when the Dewan convenes and he had to vacate his seat at the Kedah assembly in accordance with the Federal Constitution.

On Twitter, users are urging the candidate for the post of speaker at the Dewan Rakyat to be fair and not fail in his role.

1negara @1negara1, in a comment, says, “Kalau dah jadi Speaker, kena bertindak adil. Jgn jadi mcm Artist dan Pendekar. Tapi kalau PN nak main isu perkauman & agama dlm parlimen, tolong campak mereka keluar.”

In English, the latter is saying if you become the Speaker, you have to act fairly.

“Don’t be like an Artist and a Swordsman. But if the Perikatan Nasional opposition (PN) wants to play racial & religious issues in parliament, please throw them out.”

User @miorahmadshah, reminded Twitter folks that there will be no by-elections in Gurun since Tan Sri Abdul Ghani has resigned a year before the end of his term of service as the Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN).

“By-elections will not be held if a seat vacancy occurs within a year before the end of the dun or parliament term. If I’m not wrong bro. Sorry if the information is not accurate,” the user said in replying to a post that said there will be another by-election in Gurun. — Dec 18, 2022

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