Johor lass astounds TV audience with macho, manly voice

NURNAZRAH Abd Samat has stunned TV audiences with her macho gravelly voice which resembled the typical male voiceovers often heard in cinema trailers.

Appearing on TV3’s Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) morning talk show, the young lady who hails from Kluang, Johor said she noticed her voice changing around her teenage years.

Prior to her voice “cracking” she said she had the typical tone of a young girl.

Now working as a real estate agent, the happy-go-lucky lass admits she does get confused looks from strangers when she speaks with some less tactful persons would directly question her gender.

By displaying a real joie de vivre spirit, Nurnazrah says she will simply reply “yes, I am a lady, it’s just that my voice is a little coarse and fierce.”

She further states that she understands if people stare when she speaks as her condition is rare, justifying that “I have never heard another girl have a voice like mine.”

When questioned by the MHI presenters if she ever tries to hide her manly voice by faking a more feminine tone, she brushes it aside saying it takes too much effort and is quite comfortable with her natural voice.

In the meantime, the only child in her family has been busy entertaining netizens with a series of clips that have gone viral showcasing her unique talents which include singing and doing voice-overs.

Many netizens commended the young lady for her cheerful and sunny disposition.

Some suggested that her unique voice will open up many career opportunities.

All said and done, her unique voice aligned with her ultra-positive disposition will probably mean Malaysians have not heard the last of her. – Jan 4, 2023

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