Just getting bolder: Bangla-owned strip clubs to satisfy lust of foreign workers raided

THERE has been a lot of debate in recent times about mushrooming foreigner-owned businesses that are run illicitly without proper licensing but none will be able to match this latest catch by the Bukit Aman’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

In a disconcerting development, it was reported that the police raided a number of entertainment outlets in Kompleks Wilayah at Jalan Dang Wangi on early Sunday morning (Oct 15) that purported to be strip clubs-cum-vice dens.

The Vibes news portal reported that four Bangladeshi-owned strip clubs were targeted, leading to a revelation that went beyond mere illicit entertainment as authorities are looking into potential exploitation of foreign female dancers.

Many of these dancers were found to have been performing “exotic” dances primarily for Bangladeshi and Pakistani patrons.

The primary objective of the police operation was to identify potential human trafficking victims using the National Guideline on Human Trafficking Indicators.

It was said these exotic dancers were doing more than shaking their money makers on stage with other suspected vice activities also taking place on the premises.

What was alarming was that these outlets have been brazenly operating for months – some up to a year – with more mushrooming around the Klang Valley.

The police say that the women detained possessed valid travel documents but would investigate further alongside their counterparts from the Immigration Department.

The question that must be raised here is how is it possible for these foreigners to be owning and operating such outlets when locals find it hard enough to apply for standard public house licensing.

It is also hoped that the women rescued from these outlets will be treated as victims rather than criminals as the police have indicated they are potential victims of human trafficking syndicates.

For the foreign worker clientele, Malaysia must really seem like the Las Vegas of Southeast Asia with such activities a complete non-starter in their homelands.

Viva la Kuala Lumpur, indeed …. – Oct 18, 2023

Main pic credit: Bernama TV

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