Kadir Jasin: Unrepentant Malays have failed to observe vital warnings that could lead to their downfall

TAKING a leaf from the late Malaysian nationalist and religious scholar Sheikh Abdullah Fahim (1869-1961), veteran journalist and blogger Datuk A. Kadir Jasin has put forth again “for the benefit of those who have forgotten” three warnings from the former of which two are time and again being breached by the Malays.

The three warnings by the paternal grandfather of fifth premier Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi which coincided with the country’s independence in 1957 are:

  • When we become independent, no leader should take advantage of the wealth laid on the shoulders of the people.
  • Anyone who fights in the name of God and with good intention is always in God’s care but anyone who forgets good intentions, treacherous and is greedy will evoke God’s fury and will eventually be humiliated.
  • If Malays who are Muslims betray their own race, nation and religion, God will replace them with another Muslim race to look after their homeland.
Datuk A. Kadir Jasin

“Sadly, the first warning has already been violated. Many Malay leaders – from top to bottom – have taken the opportunity to amass the wealth laid on the shoulders of the people,” penned the national journalism laureate in a recent Facebook post.

“The second warning has been ignored. They swear in the name of struggle. They chanted slogans for religion, race and country. They pray in front of the Kaaba and swear in the house of God.

“But they forget the intention. They are treacherous. They are greedy. God is angry and inflicts catastrophes. Some have been put in jail while others continue to be in power but are cursed and reviled.”

As for the third warning, Kadir contended that it has yet to happen but “the tell-tale signs are already there”.

“The Malays are divided. Their political power is getting weaker. Since the past, their economic power has already withered,” observed the former editor-in-chief of mainstream New Straits Times.

“Quoting the expression which is often referred to the myth of Hang Tuah that “’the Malays will not disappear from the world’, we should be asking whether this shall apply in the land called Malaysia.” – Dec 21, 2023

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