Kadir Jasin warns PMX, PH against falling into the trap to free Najib

PAKATAN Harapan (PH) should never throw caution to the wind by being hastily influenced or carried away by the campaign to free or lighten the sentence of incarcerated former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak or any other “heavenly caste criminals”.

This is because if Najib was able to deal a cruel blow to Barisan Nasional (BN) in the 14th General Election (GE14) in 2018 in his capacity as Malaysia’s sixth prime minister (PM), there is very likelihood that his release as a criminal could inflict similar defeat to PH and its allies.

“It is not surprising that there are powerful people close to Najib who want him to be pardoned or subject him to house arrest,” warned veteran journalist and blogger Datuk A. Kadir Jasin in a recent Facebook post.

“Just take a close look at their ties and relationship with the former PM. They are either of the same state or of the same party. In fact, Pahang, Najib is one of the four Orang Besar Berempat Pahang (which carries the title Orang Kaya Indera Shah Bandar).”

Kadir further contended that there is a need to make a distinction between what “the sentiment felt by the powerful people” and “the fact behind the punishment meted out on Najib”.

“The law is not sentimental, it is evidence-based. In addition to SRC International Sdn Bhd’s fraud, there are many other criminal cases he (Najib) is facing related to 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Bhd),” justified the national journalism laureate.

“We are already aware that the SRC International and 1MDB criminal cases have caused massive losses to the country and the common people. But many people may not know that there are still many of Najib’s actions that have triggered losses.”

Delving into the details, Kadir noted that the debt of SRC International and 1MDB alone has already exceeded RM50 bil while paper loss from the purchase of PT Eagle High Plantations Tbk shares in Indonesia by FELDA is over RM2 bil.

“That has not taken into account opportunity cost losses stemming from the transactions that he instructed as PM and Finance Minister,” revealed the former editor-in-chief of mainstream New Straits Times (NST).

“The common people and the country suffer losses. They also bear a huge debt burden. Powerful people have many ways to avoid losses and make profits. Common people do not have such choice.” –  April 23, 2024

Main image credit: Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s Facebook

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