Kedah MB PolSec likens mistreatment of state football chief to 1998 incident of cops carrying mattress to court

THE shaming of the Kedah Football Association (KFA) CEO Zulkifli Che Haron and three other individuals who have no authority over any state government project by subjecting them to remand order, handcuffed and put on orange t-shirts has been likened to the incident where a mattress was presented to the High Court as evidence in 1998.

Describing as “very unjust” treatment of the four men who have been linked to the RM6 mil KFA corruption case, political secretary to Kedah Menteri Besar Zulkifli Yahaya said by right, “their status should only be as witnesses as opposed to be named suspects”.

“Can’t they be called (to the court) as normal witnesses to testify? Why is there a need for them to be humiliated, handcuffed, subject to put on the orange t-shirts, paraded for a photo/video opportunity as well as for a RM6 mil shadow script to be hastily prepared while investigation is still on-going?” berated Zulkifli in a recent Facebook post.

“If the orange t0-shirt and handcuffs are mandatory SOP (standard operating procedure), why did (Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad) Zahid Hamidi not wear an orange t-shirt and handcuffed during the investigation of his 87 charges? How many SOP standards are there? I’m not criticising but just enquiring because I want an answer.”

Zulkifli Yahaya

Zulkifli said he concurred with Kedah MB Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Mohd Nor that he (Sanusi) was the primary target while “those four individuals are just accessories”.

“Wanting to remand Sanusi would be a political loss. As a result of the Hero of Malaya being arrested at 3am. BN-PH (Barisan Nasional-Pakatan Harapan) lost badly in three states (during last year’s six state polls) while their support plummeted in three other states,” he teased.

“Handcuffing the people close to Sanusi is enough to give cybertroopers a month or two of capital to build up the narrative to badmouth the Kedah MB as if his clan is indulged in corruption while the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) is the doing its graft-busting job to perfection.”

Added Zulkifli: “It is not certain as yet if the four will be charged in court but what is certain is that image assassination has already happened.

“Are the above conspirators laughing out loud because they’ve succeeded in impeaching their political enemies? Isn’t there a need to protect human dignity as portrayed by the need to carry the mattress up and down the court in 1998 (when lawyers agreed that there are better alternatives in today’s civilised human age)?” – Jan 15, 2024

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