“Kedah’s racial harmony has been destroyed by high-handed actions of its state gov’t”

CLAIMING that Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor is barking up the wrong tree, Penang Deputy Chief Minister II Prof P. Ramasamy has disputed the former’s inclination to associate the state’s ban on gaming activities as being disruptive to race relations in Kedah.

This follows the PAS election director wanting evidence from the DAP that banning 4-D number forecast sales and lottery outlets would disrupt racial harmony in the state.

“Alternatively, can Sanusi proof that the ban (on 4-D outlets) improves healthy and sound racial and religious harmony in the state,” asked the Perai state assemblyman in a media statement.

Prof P. Ramasamy

“As far as I am concerned, there is no racial harmony in the state to start off with. Whatever harmony existed before has been destroyed by the high-handed actions of the state government under the erratic and mercurial leadership of Sanusi.”

Added Ramasamy: “Sanusi’s personal political ambitions cannot be mixed up with the state policies whether in controlling gaming activities or in destroying Hindu temples in the state.

“A person who can’t even resolve the water woes of the people in Kedah for years has suddenly emerged as the champion of the masses, a true Islamicist from a moral perspective.”

Ramasamy went on to clarify that his argument against banning gaming outlets in Kedah is based on the premise that such an action cannot be construed in a simplistic manner.

“There are serious repercussions as to whether the state can control the spread of illegal gaming activities resulting from the ban,” he explained.

“I wrote recently that the Kedah ban on 4-D outlets is welcomed by the illegal operators who have long presence in the country. In fact, these operations existed before they were legalised with the aim to control and manage them not so much to earn revenue.”

Ramasamy went on to argue that there is no compulsion for people to participate in gaming activities as this is their choice.

“This choice should not be denied in a democracy. Sanusi by arrogantly adopting a big brother attitude or know it all position has denied the critical choice to the people in Kedah,” he justified.

“Yet he has the gall to say that banning gaming outlets has nothing to with the disruption of racial or racial harmony. However, he forgets that by undemocratically denying the right of choice he is unwittingly taking back Kedah to the dark ages.”

If Sanusi could destroy a century-old Hindu temple in Alor Setar and a 60-year-old temple in Kulim a few years back, Ramasamy wondered if democracy means “it is (Sanusi’s) right to inflict punishments on others”.

“It is just a one-way street,” concluded Ramasamy. – Jan 6, 2023

Main pic credit: The Star

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