Kelantan UMNO: UMNO now clean after the ‘corrupt’ leaders jumped ship

UMNO is now free from corrupt politicians who jumped ship to the opposition coalition Perikatan Nasional (PN), said Kelantan UMNO information head Datuk Zawawi Othman. 

“UMNO were once accused of being corrupt, crooks, and bandits… now UMNO is clean. If it’s not 100% clean, 90% is because all the crooks and bandits have jumped.

“Why did they leave? Because there were issues… those who stayed in UMNO until today never thought of becoming leaders, but today they are leaders because all those of caliber have left due to investigations by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC),” UMNO Online quoted him as saying. 

According to him, the leaders who still remain in UMNO are those who are clean and confident that they have not committed wrongdoing.

“The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) and Bukit Aman also want to investigate our work whether it is illegal money or bribe money. These people have run away and those who are in UMNO today are true leaders.

“Whoever is still in UMNO is a leader who is still convinced that he is innocent. Anyone who is convinced they are guilty has jumped,” he added.

“So, the people make an assessment. UMNO should not be accused of corruption again. We are not denying that this UMNO party is not corrupt, but that was before. Today, UMNO is actually a clean party.” 

Moreover, Zawawi also claimed that no one wants an era where the people are suffering and the government spends a lot, but there is no relief for the people.

“Right now, UMNO/Barisan Nasional (BN) is making a movement so that the people judge when we are governing, together in a coalition. Judge for yourself, the people have experience and have felt which era is the best. 

“We don’t want an era when the people are in trouble, the government spends a lot and has no results,” he noted, adding the various coalitions have ruled the country and the people know who is doing a better job.

Furthermore, Zawawi is of the view that leaders from UMNO who jumped to PPBM were actually aiming to save themselves from wrong doing. 

“For me, PN who is together with PPBM. Many UMNO ex-leaders who I consider to be unclean because they jumped to save themselves, so they are corrupt.” – Dec 31, 2023



Main photo credit: UMNO Online

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