Dr Kelvin Yii takes on role of Speaker for Youth Parliament session

BANDAR Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen has been selected to take on the responsibility of Speaker for the Youth Parliament session held at the esteemed Malaysian Parliament.

In this significant role, the Russian-trained doctor is eager to facilitate and oversee the deliberations of the young participants as they engage in critical discussions on a wide array of pressing matters.

(I have been given the opportunity to serve as the Speaker for the Youth Parliament session organised at the Malaysian Parliament.

I am excited to listen to the discussions of our youths on various crucial issues.

Hopefully, I won’t have to kick anyone out of the session ;p.)

Moreover, the Youth Parliament session provides a platform for emerging voices to express their perspectives, concerns and aspirations on issues that hold immense significance for the nation’s future.

The DAPSY national chief expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming session and his anticipation of the spirited debates that are set to unfold.

As the participants who represent the diverse youth of Malaysia, delve into the heart of various topics, Dr Yii is keen on ensuring that their voices are heard, fostering an environment of open dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

With a touch of humour, Dr Yii light-heartedly remarked on his hopes that his duties as Speaker will not necessitate the removal of any participants from the session, adding a playful note to his message.

The Youth Parliament session stands as a testament to Malaysia’s commitment to nurturing the active engagement and participation of its youth in the democratic process.

As Dr Yii takes on the pivotal role of Speaker, the nation eagerly awaits the dynamic discussions and insightful exchanges that will unfold within the hallowed halls of the Malaysian Parliament. – Aug 16, 2023


Main photo credit: Dr Kelvin Yii’s Twitter

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