KFC opens one-time-only bid for its limited edition ‘KFC 11’ plate

FOLLOWING the recent success of KFC selling off its special KFC car registration plates for over RM2 mil, KFC Malaysia will once again be holding its first-ever open bidding for its limited-edition KFC Original Plate on Feb 25, 2021 (from 11 am to 11 pm ONLY) on its Facebook page.

The bid opens at RM11 where Malaysians can participate with a minimum bid increase of RM1 and the highest bidder will be deemed as the winner. However, 100% of the profits will go towards KFC Add Hope Malaysia – the local installment of KFC’s global initiative to end world hunger.

KFC Malaysia deputy general manager marketing Evelyn Ng said: “Since there is only a single unit of the plate in existence, the winner of the bid will be the sole owner of our very special plate.”

The plate’s design features ‘KFC 11’, mimicking the car registration plate number and represents the brand’s iconic 11 secret herbs and spices recipe.

This ongoing initiative strives to feed those who would otherwise be unfortunate enough to struggle through hunger.

The funds are generated via donation boxes across KFC outlets nationwide that directly support local hunger initiatives via Add Hope Distribution Programme and collaboration programmes with NGOs besides supporting the needs of United Nation World Food Programme (WFP)’s food relief programmes in the least developed nations around the world. – Feb 24, 2021

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