KPDN deputy pledges to alleviate surging cost of living for rakyat

DEPUTY Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) Minister Fuziah Salleh has acknowledged the increasing cost of living faced by the Malaysian populace. She has pledged that her ministry is actively working to alleviate the burden on citizens.

In a statement posted on her Facebook page, Fuziah expressed her understanding of the financial challenges experienced by many Malaysians due to rising prices.

“I don’t deny the challenges in regards to the price of things today. I admit that a lot of people are burdened by it. That is why I’m doing all I can within the ministry’s powers and jurisdiction. I hope the netizens will understand,” she penned on her Facebook page.

Fuziah’s remarks came after she faced criticism following the circulation of a video in which she was seen grocery shopping for household items, including biscuits, instant noodles, sardines, flour and cooking oil, with a budget of RM200. The video had gone viral and drawn public attention.

However, Fuziah clarified that the video was recorded in July when the Community Communications Department (J-Kom) had to modify a controversial infographic related to the cost of living due to online backlash.

In response to the scrutiny and what she termed a “politically-motivated concerted attack” against her, Fuziah’s aide Aidil Haryman Mat Nor filed a report regarding the matter at the Kuantan police headquarters.

“What is the motive of some wanting to instigate netizens’ anger by taking an old video made in a different context and then spinning it to change the narrative?

“That’s the reason I have lodged a police report, because the issue is politically motivated to attack me,” she added. – Sept 22, 2023


Main photo credit: Bernama

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