KPDN orders Gardenia KL to clarify price hike for 30 products by Oct 3

THE Domestic Trade and Costs of Living Ministry (KPDN) has issued a notice to Gardenia Bakeries Sdn Bhd (Gardenia KL) granting them until Oct 3 to provide a detailed explanation for their proposed price increase on 30 products.

This move follows public speculations and concerns surrounding the impending price adjustments.

KPDN Deputy Minister Fuziah Salleh revealed that Gardenia KL has been given a six-day window to respond to the ministry’s notice, which was issued recently.

“We will check every item and the reason given for the increase if they are using certain flour, their costs, transportation, their wholesalers and then (impact on) retail prices. So, we will know the entire supply chain and we can determine if there were any profiteering,” she said.

“They were given six days and they have also issued a statement that the price of white bread will not be increased.”

Moreover, Fuziah also clarified that Gardenia KL had already confirmed that the price of white bread would not be affected by these changes.

While acknowledging that the ministry lacks the authority to prevent Gardenia from adjusting the prices of its products, Fuziah emphasised their intent to gather comprehensive information and explanations regarding the reasons behind the price hikes.

“But we can get information and full explanation on reasons why they increased the prices, and make sure there is no profiteering,” said the Kuantan MP who earlier launched a mobile ‘Jualan Rahmah’ at Pinggiran Putra flat, near Tanjung Lumpur in Kuantan.

Gardenia KL released a statement yesterday (Sept 27) announcing a price increase set to take effect on Oct 1.

However, the increase only applies to a selected list of products, excluding white bread, which had been a subject of earlier speculation.

Some of the products listed for a price increase include Puazz Sambal Bilis, Sambal Mackerel, Kari Ayam, Quick Bites Butter Toffee, Quick Bites Red Beans, Quick Bites Cream Rolls, and Numee Yellow Noodle and Numee Keluarga. – Sept 28, 2023


Main photo credit: Bernama

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