Lady driver speeding in Perodua Axia leaves netizens breathless, terrified

SOME cars are built for speed, and others, to put it simply, are not. This truism was brought to light in a video posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) by user @bckupacc99 that has gone viral.

The clip shows a young female driver putting metal to the pedal in what appears to be a Perodua Axia.

The poster simply said it would be terrifying for a passenger to catch 40 winks in a car driven at such high speed. The video has since been viewed by 3.8 million netizens, with many expressing similar sentiments.

The video was also shared by X user @iammohsein who highlighted that such lightweight vehicles were not built for such velocity, saying the driver could easily lose control, especially when manoeuvring hairpin corners.

The video clearly shows the speedometer near the apex of the vehicle’s limit, with the driver seemingly quite causal about her speed demon antics.

Quite a few netizens commented that the vehicle was wholly unsuited to high-speed driving and this style of devil-may-care attitude seems to afflict many drivers of such cars.

Needless to say, the thorny subject of “lady drivers” inevitably reared its head.

Some netizens also observed the driving posture and steering grip of the driver, indicating a lack of experience.

Many were cautioned that such a driving attitude could prove fatal, not just for the driver but for other road users.

Another netizen noted the nonchalance of the driver at being filmed while flouting the law.

This is yet another example where perhaps the authorities can use evidence posted on social media to bring offenders to book.

Malaysians constantly need reminding that “jalan raya bukan nya tempat berlumba lumba” (roads are not for racing), to quote a public service announcement from yesteryear. – Feb 10, 2024

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