LamboFresh to Sustain Malaysia’s Food-Chain Supplies through its Online Marketplace during MCO

In light of the extended MCO to 28th April, LamboPlace intends to continue supporting the sustainability of our food-chain supplies. Not long ago, LamboFresh, a Fresh Food product series in the local-homegrown online marketplace platform,, was created to break the traditionally long-chains of supplies and distributions that have been put in practice here in Malaysia decades ago. However times have changed, situations like these are what pushes a breakthrough from traditional practices.

The very existence of online marketplaces is to bridge the connections between traditional-run businesses with consumers of the new-era, who are strong believers of online shopping or have been recognised as a growing market segment over the years, since eCommerce made its debut. LamboFresh, on the other hand, is created to connect local farmers, distributors, suppliers and brick-and-mortar stores with the end-customers or consumers through their online marketplace with similar objectives.

What LamboPlace offers their vendors or sellers in their online platform is to handle their online orders, marketing and branding, customer care and service, all the way to fulfillment and delivery services, with their sister-company, LamboMove. Their promise is to help businesses to create better values for their brands, to be easily seen by many buyers.

LamboPlace encourages offline or traditional businesses to start digitising and jump into the e-Commerce bandwagon, not only for situations like this, but also to be ready for the future e-Commerce demands and changes in consumers’ or customers’ buying-behaviors.

“Many food producers are facing financial difficulties during the MCO, no less impacted are Malaysia’s Seafood sellers. Seafood goes to ruin faster than most vegetables and many sellers are forced to discard their catch every day. Traditional shops that are closed are forced to reduce the options of premium products for sellers to provide consumers.” said Dato’ Jason, Group CEO of LamboPlace Sdn Bhd.

To help out local producers and distributors, LamboPlace have launched LamboFresh with objectives to not only assist local businesses, but also to ensure consumers don’t need to change their lifestyles – they can still get trusted restaurant-quality fresh food delivered to their doorstep, hassle-free, supported by their very own last-mile delivery company, LamboMove.

LamboMove, LamboPlace’s sister-company, has recently offered their delivery services to businesses ranging from startups, SMEs to large enterprises. Having held a status of reliability, LamboMove is also known for its fast delivery services, as quick as 6 hours within Klang Valley and a promise of 24 hours to 2 days maximum, beyond Kuala Lumpur.

“Delivery and logistics services play a very important role in e-Commerce businesses. That’s why to LamboPlace, it’s very vital when running an online business. LamboPlace’s vendors or sellers enjoy fees as low as RM2.00 per delivery for most products within Klang Valley. Buyers or customers of LamboPlace have also experienced paying delivery fees as low as RM2.00 per delivery.” added Dato’ Jason.

The support for local businesses are very much needed from fellow Malaysians, especially during these times. LamboFresh is offering a special discount when you use promo code LAMBOFRESH upon checking out. Shop safely for safe and quality products from home.

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To be part of LamboPlace’s growing platform and to help each other grow, contact [email protected] for more information.

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