Legendary dog lover Uncle Patrick Khoo reaps kindness after having sowed kindness to multiple canines

On March 22 at 9pm, “Uncle” Patrick Khoo Kian Wui, 69, had sought to protect a few stray dogs from being taken away forcefully by some Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) enforcement staff.

Today (Nov 17) will see Khoo attending the court – hopefully, for the final time – to hear the court’s decision regarding his case. Due to public pressure, the case may finally be dropped.

In the first case, had the former Selangor State EXCO in-charge of local government Ng Sze Han and former Datuk Bandar Mohamad Azhan Md Amir intervened, the case would not have gone to the court.

If is over the manner in which strays are noosed and manhandled by aggressive enforcement officers, the case could have been solved at the council level – if not – by at least the state EXCO.

It was a sheer waste of the court’s time to throw the long arm of the law against a man who was merely trying to protect the animals from cruelty.

In the Disney’s world, Khoo could have played the role of American video game designer Roger Dearly who tried to rescue his pet Dalmatians from Cruella de Vil. Like every movie, the good characters always win.

‘Uncle’ Patrick Khoo with his dogs (Photo credit: My Forever Doggo Facebook page)


Updates on Facebook

According to the Uncle Patrick Khoo & Dogs Facebook administrator, the party which lodged a report against Khoo had subsequently filed a police report to withdraw their previous statement. “The Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) in-charge has been duly informed of this development,” it said.

When the incident which saw a tussle between Khoo and an MPBJ enforcement officer went viral, it attracted the attention of many dog lovers around the country and beyond.

Ironically, Khoo was eventually charged in court under Section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing public servants in the discharge of their public functions. In the eyes of the public, he was merely trying to protect the dogs from being taken away with a noose – a “barbaric” method of catching stray dogs that is still adopted by MBPJ.

Now the 69-year-old senior citizen is the recipient of people’s kindness in return after he suffered from a mild stroke in late October.

The kindness that he sowed into the two dogs – Jiji and Hugo – which have since been adopted by other pet lovers, is now reaped by Khoo himself.

With so many people giving him the support that he needs to fully recuperate after being hospitalised for nearly two weeks, Khoo has turned into a “celebrity” of some sort.

He was discharged and currently staying in a nursing home where he himself is being taken care of by others.

With the assistance of people who rallied to his support when the video was viralled, Khoo would be making appearance in court this morning. The case has been postponed several times over the past few months.

Will Khoo’s case end in a positive note after all the support people rallied around him? Only the court can decide. – Nov 17, 2023

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