Let’s forgive, ignore Tun M while banking on Anwar to build a prosperous, harmonious Malaysia

IN THE current political landscape of Malaysia, we are on the brink of facing six state elections.

During this crucial period when Anwar and his cabinet are diligently working to save our economy and uplift the lives of our people, it is difficult to fathom how a once respectable politician like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad would turn over a new leaf to create disharmony among Malaysians with his venomous statements.

Nobody can deny or take away Tun Mahathir’s past accomplishments as one of the most successful PMs in Malaysian history – the country’s longest serving premier who reigned over two stints spanning close to a quarter century.

Nevertheless, it seems that age factor and his loss in the 15th General Election (GE15) could have left him confused and uncertain about where to begin his political journey once again.

It is essential for all Malaysians to exercise forgiveness and look forward to the future, working together to build a stronger and more prosperous Malaysia under Anwar’s leadership as PM.

It is therefore crucial to recognise that the political landscape is ever-evolving, and we need leaders who can address the challenges of the present and future.

Anwar and his cabinet have placed great emphasis on re-vitalising the economy and improving the well-being of Malaysians. Their dedication and efforts should be appreciated and supported.

Seven months are probably too short a period to gauge or to expect a miracle from Anwar and his team. The Tambun MP should be given at least one full term to deliver reforms of sorts.

Papparaidu Veraman

Anwar deserves our backing

However, the presence of divisive figures like Tun Mahathir can hinder our progress. His venomous statements and actions only serve to create disharmony and divert our attention from the important issues at hand.

It is unfortunate that a leader of his stature has chosen such a path. Instead of working towards unity and progress, he seems more focused on personal grievances and political vendettas.

As Malaysians, we should not allow ourselves to be swayed by such divisive rhetoric. We must focus on the bigger picture and the future of our nation. It is in our collective interest to give Anwar and his cabinet a chance to re-build our economy, improve governance and address the needs of all Malaysians.

The upcoming state elections provide an opportunity for us to express our aspirations and shape the direction of our country. We should critically evaluate the candidates and their policies, focusing on the issues that matter most to us. Unity, inclusivity and progress should be the guiding principles as we cast our votes.

While we respect Tun Mahathir’s past contributions, it is time to move forward and embrace new leadership. Anwar’s experience and vision – coupled with his supposedly competent and dedicated cabinet – offer a promising path towards a brighter future for Malaysia.

Let us set aside personal biases and come together to build a prosperous and harmonious nation where the well-being of all citizens is prioritised.

Finally, it is imperative for Malaysians to forgive and ignore Tun Mahathir and focus on working together towards a better Malaysia under Anwar’s leadership.

We must appreciate the efforts of Anwar and his cabinet to save our economy and uplift the lives of our people. By uniting and focusing on the future, we can overcome challenges and build a prosperous and harmonious nation that benefits all citizens.


Papparaidu Veraman is the founder & advisor of Malaysian Indian Voice (MIV) and assistant organisational secretary to DAP Selangor.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

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