Lifestyle suites are ideal for young investors and first-time property buyers

A MORTGAGE is a huge undertaking and given the current economic climate, many are unwilling to take the plunge. This is especially true with fresh graduates or those who have just started their careers.

They may not want to be anchored down with large mortgages which would stifle their hip and happening lifestyles but with a little clever juggling of finances and some small sacrifices, there are options available to this demographic.

It need not be a landed property or multi-room condominiums, which can carry hefty premiums that these youngsters cast their eyes on. There are many smaller high-rise lifestyle units located in some very choice locations in the Klang Valley, allowing fresh graduates easy mobility to and from their workplaces.

They can pick from reputable developers offering some very modern lifestyle-based concepts in locations such as Cyberjaya, Setia Alam and prime suburbs including Subang Jaya.

These smaller lifestyle suites usually range from 500-800sq ft and are ideal for a young bachelor or even a young couple who have yet to accumulate clutter.

Clever usage of space allows for cosy and comfortable lifestyle in highly sought-after locations, where larger or landed properties may be beyond the reach of employees fresh to the workforce.

Competitively priced options are available if buyers are willing to look, with developers offering quality fittings, allowing for these youngsters to essentially leave the family nest with just their bags.

No need to worry about expensive furnishings as tasteful and professionally appointed interior designs allow for comfortable environments to work, play and live.

Smaller square footage also allows for easy maintenance freeing up time for other youthful pursuits, with many of the suites offering a gamut of facilities and amenities, such as swimming pools and gymnasiums.

With many fresh employees preferring to work-from-home or entrepreneurs looking for small office space for their start-ups, some of these lifestyle suites offer perfect partition of space, allowing for both work and lifestyle usage. Some even offer separate dual entrances allowing for co-sharing further reducing costs.

Fresh graduates and employees can now seriously look at harnessing the above benefits while adding a tangible property will only improve their financial portfolio.

Having a comfortable home with on-site amenities to return to after a hard day at the office will also help recharge batteries.

To view some properties that may fit the above description, visit – Oct 18, 2023

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