Colours of GFRIEND

Sitting at the centre of Shah Alam Malawati Indoor Stadium and surrounded by more than 4,300 excitable Buddies
(GFriend’s fanbase are called Buddies) at the first ever concert by the Korean girl-group here in Malaysia (the GO GO GFRIEND! Asia Tour) was truly a one of kind experience!

The opening act started with Me Gustas Tu, one of the songs from the group’s second EP Flower Bud which reached the 100 million streaming mark on the Gaon Chart in 2016. The stage presentation and the members dressed in pastel outfits were adorable and showcased the feminine side of GFriend!

Yerin had told the press a day before the concert that the girls would use Malay lyrics in some of their songs, and so the fans were thrilled when they heard “Suka Kamu” in the opening song, which sounded like: “Me gustas tu gustas tu su tu du ru suka kamu!”, replacing Johaheyo in Korean.

The surprises didn’t stop there as the six-members — Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji — continued to connect with their Malaysian fans and kept beckoning the crowd with phrases like “Seronok tak?”,
“Sayang” and “Terima Kasih” during the show.

From videos to a special unit stage that divided them into two subunits called World Peace (Sowon, SinB and Yuju) and Hug Hug (Eunha, Umji and Yerin), the girls had done a lot of prep to ensure a memorable day for their Buddies. They performed new songs Monday Blues and Shy Boy as well as Glass Bead, and bantered with the crowd making jokes and being playful, creating a happy vibe.

After these lively performances, GFriend showed their emotional side, dressed in dark sequinned dresses, performing a ballad version of Rough. The slow number allowed the audience to appreciate each of the six girl’s melancholic voices.After that, they followed up with Flower Garden, Sunrise, Fingertip and the last song, Navirella.

The lights went dim after Gfriend said goodbye. But the fans’ light sticks brightened the stadium
while they chanted “Encore”, making sure their favourite group came back one last time!

The fans got their wish, but things also got a bit sentimental when a behind the scenes video caught the members quickly writing lyrics backstage! A song of thanks for the fans perhaps?

From feminine to happy then emotional, the transitions and versatility of the GFriend showcase was something mesmerising especially when they sang and danced to 25 songs for the three hour concert! Hopefully, buddies don’t have to wait for too long to see their favourite GFriend make their way back to Malaysia for their next performance!

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