Creating unique customer experiences through scents

SENSORY Hub is taking the premium scenting industry by storm by focusing on helping businesses elevate their brand image and create unforgettable experiences through ambient fragrance while also providing sustainable hygiene solutions.

The premium scenter brand is open to collaborate with a variety of business types such as banks, offices, hotels, educational institutions and many more to create their own unique premium aroma to better deliver their brand message to the audience.

While most businesses engage in visual or auditory means as a marketing tool, Sensory Hub taps into the effective medium of utilising scents to capture the attention of diverse audiences, ranging from hotel guests and retail shoppers to spa goers and cafe lovers.

By appealing to the sense of smell, businesses can elicit powerful and memorable emotions to their target audiences using Sensory Hub’s unique, safe, and environmentally sustainable premium scents.

This provides the perfect ambient scenting for a business to amplify their brand message and image unlike any other means available.

In addition to their core work of rental and supply of scenting systems, the brand also provides a full range of hygienic products and services such as disinfection services, air sanitisation, and washroom solutions.

“If a brand has the perfect scent to complement their image, audiences will be able to create memorable associations with said brand, which therefore elevates their customer experience while simultaneously improving the brands’ business outcomes,” said Sensory Hub business development lead Chloe Lee.

While most scent solution providers offer their clients selections from a standard library, Sensory Hub believes that the best way for a business to allure their audiences is through a signature scent that has been formulated by the business owners themselves.

This allows for the warmest, most personal touch to match the exact needs for each brand’s unique identity.

To ensure this congruence, Sensory Hub is managed by their team of sales professionals who have been trained by world-class perfumers, earning their expertise in matching a brand to the right business scents.

The brand also provides clients with a comprehensive questionnaire that encompasses a view of the business along with the client’s scent preferences.

From there, various signature aromas will be crafted for clients to choose from, or to further refine, until all satisfactions are met. – Jan 23, 2021

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