On Dec 5, GoCommunity Charity powered by Robson 7 x GoCar is organising an intimate charity auction for disadvantaged children in Malaysia. GoCommunity is a project about social inclusiveness which first started with GoCar in 2018. The purpose of the project is to create awareness that every individual in society regardless of race, religion, gender, or class have a social responsibility to create a society for all, and foster mutual trust, belonging and inter-connectedness while  providing equal opportunities for everyone to achieve to their fullest potential in life.

This year, GoCar decided to go bigger with the GoCommunity project and has partnered up with Robson 7 to organise a charity event to raise funds with the theme of “Empowerment through Education”. The funds will be given to charitable organisations who are assisting and empowering disadvantaged children by giving them access to information, knowledge and skills to equip them for the world today. The project is organised with collaborators from Picha Eats, Style Link – Management & Communications, Minnamarina and BravoEventz.

Funds will be raised through sponsored items from brands such as Lord’s Tailor, Halycon Days, Celest Thoi, Lind Furnitures, Khoon Hooi, Innai Red, FA’IQ Jewels, WJ&Co, Rory Hutton, and others. One particular item to be auctioned is an environmentally friendly tote bag created by the children of the organisation picked for the charity this year. Eight tote bags were created but only one tote bag was chosen for the auction because the message from the child was about turning a dream into reality with the help of the community. The tote bag, reproduced under the brand Minnamarina, will also be sold at Jason’s Food Hall and B.I.G Publika. Part of the sales proceeds will be given to these children for their education.

For those who wish to be a part of this charity, there is an entry fee of RM180 which will go directly to the cause. For further information, email [email protected] or [email protected].

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