By Aqalili Azizan

Athiya Hamid & Zaireen Iskandar

‘KIN is a jewellery brand which vision celebrates edge, sophistication and eclectic taste, created by two friends Athiya Hamid and Zaireen Iskandar, who craved something out of the ordinary.

The company mission is to find pieces that were provide hassle-free, yet the polished way to adorn your ears, necks and ankles. Hence, Demi-fine jewellery was born. The accessories covered in Gold Vermeil and Rhodium is undeniably high in quality, without the heartbreak of a hefty price tag.

After its successful debut collection, ‘KIN’s second collection to hit the market is its Chains and Charms, a series of original pendants ornamented with semi-precious stones, fit to rival the colour spectrum.

From conventional shapes such as daggered triangles, re-imagined “dog tags”, and topaz encrusted pills and wands, this series is as versatile as it gets. Designed to complement the charms, or work as a solo act is the Rolo chain, which comes in a selection of lengths ranging from plunging necklines to chokers.

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