Lim Guan Eng says Bersatu Youth chief made a false police report

DAP CHAIRPERSON Lim Guan Eng today said Bersatu Youth leader Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal has committed a criminal offence by making a false police report against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and himself over the revocation of the Albukhary Foundation’s tax-exempt status.
Guan Eng added that by making this “false police report” the Bersatu Youth leader has dismissed himself as an MP since he disregarded the sanctity of the Parliament.“It is clear that Wan Fayhsal has made a false police report against Anwar and myself for (supposedly) falsifying information, fabricating false evidence, criminal conspiracy and defamation.“I have initiated criminal and civil action against Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin because of his lies which could affect the goodwill of the people and affect religious harmony. Wan Fayhsal should think long and hard before he gets stuck in the same situation as the Perikatan Nasional (PN) party chairman,” wrote Guan Eng in a Facebook post.According to Guan Eng, filing a false report is a criminal offence under Section 182 of the Penal Code.Anwar affirmed that he spoke the truth when he said that during Guan Eng’s tenure as finance minister from May 2018 to February 2020, he never revoked the tax-exempt status of the Albukhary Foundation.Guan Eng also wrote that Muhyiddin has not produced any evidence or a cancellation letter to the contrary.
Furthermore, Anwar clarified that the cancellation of tax-exempt status is the responsibility of the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) director-general, not the Prime Minister or Finance Minister.Wan Fayhsal cited Section 44(6B) of the Income Tax Act 1967 to refute Anwar’s statement. However, this section refers to an appeal to the minister, not the minister initiating the cancellation of tax-exempt status.The former finance minister stated that he did not handle the Albukhary Foundation’s files and thus could not have decided on any appeals, as none were made to him.The absence of any evidence supporting the cancellation of the Albukhary Foundation’s tax-exempt status during his time as finance minister raised questions about the veracity of Muhyiddin’s claims.If a cancellation occurred, it could only have taken place during Muhyiddin’s tenure as prime minister, Guan Eng added.Wan Fayhsal is urged to persuade Muhyiddin to provide evidence of a cancellation letter. If Muhyiddin fails to do so, both he and Wan Fayhsal will be seen as making baseless and false claims.The former finance minister has initiated criminal and civil action against Muhyiddin for his dishonesty, which could potentially affect public goodwill and religious harmony. — March 25, 2023
Main photo credit: Bernama

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