LinkedIn: Hire based on skills, not experience

WITH Malaysia’s unemployment rate hitting record highs since the last three decades, professionals are now more likely to seek employment opportunities outside of their current industry, recent LinkedIn data showed.

However, attempting to change industries of profession may be harder than it looks and required more than just training.

In that aspect, LinkedIn possess an online career exploration tool to help job seekers identify new career paths that may have overlapping skills with their current roles. It also identifies the new skills that are needed in order to excel in a different role and industry.

 In addition, LinkedIn encourages employers of today to hire candidates based on their skills, rather than focusing solely on traditional qualifications such as past experiences.

“Regardless of what you have studied or where you have worked, job seekers must also be willing to upskill as you take on a new role, or even reskill in order to venture into a different industry,” said LinkedIn vice president for APAC’s talent and learning solutions Feon Ang.

“We also encourage organisations to hire based on skills, as opposed to degrees or past experience, as it helps build a diverse workforce and contribute to more equitable recovery for all,” he added. – Nov 4, 2020

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