LinkedIn reveals jobs in high demand to look out for in 2021

MALAYSIA experienced massive changes in the working environment since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, causing numerous organisations streamlining their business models, causing countless job losses.

Some businesses were revamped and the concept of remote working began to show that it’s going to stick around for a while.

This led to the increased demand for individuals with digital and soft skills, causing even high-level professionals seeking opportunities to reskill or upskill themselves.

But what will 2021 bring? And what kinds of trends should the people be expecting?

According to LinkedIn data, consumers in Southeast Asia have gone increasingly digital, with expectations that the demand for workers with tech skills will remain high – from specialised engineers to cyber security talent and data analysts.

In regards to this trend, some of the most relevant jobs in demand are data analyst roles, software and technology roles, cyber security roles, as well as technology and engineering roles.

Apart from that, brands have also discovered new ways to connect with consumers, which led to an increased demand for digital marketers and content creators. Data from LinkedIn showed that there were 48% more companies posting job related to those skills on the platform.

Some of the most relevant roles for these skills are digital content specialist roles, public relations roles and digital marketing specialist roles.

Unsurprisingly, e-commerce had a big spotlight focused on it since last year as the increase of its sector led to the rise of various other sectors.

The increased demand for e-commerce services have fuelled higher demand for logistics and warehouse skilled talent, requiring professionals with varying skills and experience.

On this, the most relevant roles include customer service roles, supply chain roles, as well as business development roles and sales roles.

In relation to that, COVID-19 have forced many traditionally-physical jobs to evolve into an online form, such as education and health services.

These sectors tend to require more support in mastering the basics of technology from communication tools to social media platforms and basic office software.

By doing so, it will open up opportunities for more workers to leverage on with relevant roles such as healthcare and medical support, education-related roles as well as finance and insurance roles.

“This list of jobs on the rise demonstrates that there are still opportunities for job seekers who possess a range of skills and experience to tap into,” said LinkedIn head of talent and learning solutions in Asia Frank Koo.

“By adopting a lifelong learning mindset and being open to new skills through various courses, workers can prepare themselves to take up these emerging roles,” he concluded. Feb 5, 2021

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