Liu fires a salvo against Yeoh: Read, clarify before running your mouth!

LIVID over criticism by Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh, Sungai Pelek state assemblyman Ronnie Liu urged the former to understand the context of his speech before lashing out.

“Hannah Yeoh is immature. If she can’t understand Mandarin or has an issue, clarify with YB Ronnie first.

“Don’t just go out and blast without getting the true picture.  Later, it will be embarrassing for her to apologise,” he retorted, in a Facebook post.

Yesterday, Malaysiakini quoted Liu as saying that DAP should not degrade itself just for the sake of trying to gain Malay support.

“DAP is a multi-racial party. The party need not dilute its Chineseness just because of the criticism from our political enemies.

“We have to safeguard the culture of the party, as well as the party’s constitutional spirit, pluralistic and democratic political struggle,” Liu said, in a speech during the launch of DAP veteran Liew Ah Kim’s book in Klang yesterday.

Fellow DAP leader Yeoh fired a salvo against Liu for his remarks, saying the veteran’s statement has tarnished the party’s image.



Respect your elders, Yeoh

“For me, I have stopped listening to Ronnie a long time ago. But this time I cannot stay silent because he has done a great disservice to many of us DAP leaders out there who are working hard to fight off prejudices and stigmas against the DAP.

“Ronnie Liu does not represent me. The DAP that Ronnie wants is not the DAP I joined,” she said.

DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua has also slammed Liu for asking DAP not to “dilute its Chineseness”, saying the latter “is the Chinese chauvinist that DAP does not need”.

Liu, a DAP central executive member, said that Yeoh’s rash outburst would damage DAP and both of their reputations, as it will give their detractors ammunition to attack all of them.

He added that right-wing Malay parties would surely take advantage of Yeoh’s attacks to undermine the party.

“By her own admission, she is so much junior than Ronnie.  Asian culture is that a junior who did not fully understand a senior’s speech, should go and talk to him to get an accurate picture. 

“Her rash outburst will cost DAP, herself and Ronnie some damages. Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang are going to be in an awkward position now,” Liu remarked. – April 13, 2021.


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