Lively exchange to race-baiting social media query why Chinese kiddos don’t partake in ‘basikal lajak’ menace

A POST that was shared on Malaysia Education Info (And Homeschooling too) Facebook page has drawn a lot of attention.

The post queried why it was seemingly only Malay children who are into the inherently dangerous basikal lajak (illegally modified bicycle) craze, suggesting a lack of parental guidance as the root cause.

Some pointed out the reality of trying to talk sense to some people about road safety.

One netizen surmised that the problem is very much confined to the B40 segment, further pointing out that those who have difficulty having children would not condone such behaviour and ensure that they are properly supervised.

More than a few agreed with his sentiments.

The above sentiment was echoed by another netizen who said many were in denial until tragedy strikes.

One netizen attempted to rationalise the scenario using the ‘Malays are majority’ logic hence the appearance that the basikal lajak and under-aged motorcycle riders issue is confined to that ethnic group. This was met with a stinging rebuke.

One netizen’s humorous observation may actually contain a kernel of truth.

One netizen quite rightly pointed out that bad hats exist in all communities.

A change of perspective was suggested by one netizen, pointing out that clearer pathways must be made for school kids.

Interestingly, some netizens cautioned that there had been many race-baiting posts making the rounds lately with some suggesting it was a ploy to raise tensions.

While some may see it as race-baiting content, enough netizens were able to have a lively discussion about parental duties without being offensive. As Malaysians tend to view matters through race-tinted glasses, at the very least is that discussions and debates can take place in a civilised manner. – Jan 26, 2024

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