Loke: M’sians no longer need to display road tax stickers

MALAYSIANS are no longer required to display motor vehicle licences, also known as road tax stickers, on privately owned vehicles effective today.

“The enforcement of Section 20 of the Road Transport Act, which requires motor vehicle licences to be displayed on vehicles, will no longer be in effect,” said Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook.

Loke noted that this change will be implemented in stages with the first phase affecting individual private vehicles, including motorcycles, owned by Malaysians.

This announcement is part of the Transport Ministry’s efforts to digitise the Road Transport Department’s (RTD) services, specifically motor vehicle and driving licences.

“I urge all drivers and vehicle owners to switch to digital platforms. With digitisation, crowds and long queues at the RTD counters will decrease and this will contribute to better productivity,” added Loke.

Moreover, Malaysian private vehicle owners can register their motor vehicle licences and driving licences through the JPJ public portal or the MyJPJ mobile application.

Anthony Loke Siew Fook (Photo credit: Borneo Post Online)

However, according to the minister, drivers and vehicle owners can continue to display their road tax stickers during the digital transition period.

“The enforcement will be carried out against any individuals driving without valid licences in accordance with provisions under subsections 20(1), 90(1) and 26(1) of the Transport Act 1987.

“Subsection 20(1) states that all motor vehicle licences (excluding those for motorcycles or invalid carriages) must be displayed on the corresponding vehicle as directed by the authorities.”

Furthermore, under subsection 90(1), all users of a motor vehicle must have a valid insurance policy or security in place to cover third-party risks before using the vehicle.

Meanwhile, according to subsection 26(1), no individual can drive a motor vehicle unless he has a driving licence for that type of vehicle, and no individual can permit another individual to drive unless the latter also has a proper driving licence. – Feb 10, 2023

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