Madani gov’t mustn’t sell itself cheaply, never expect Elon Musk to solve its economic woes

BEING a golf club member in Klang Valley (a licenced member) is not easy. Some rich towkay owns the clubs.

Even if you have been allowed a starting time and played a few holes, you must make way to the directors or VVIPs who include the owner’s son. When you book a room at a restaurant on the premises, you must vacate if the owners want to use it.

Is this not something the Domestic Trade and Costs of Living Ministry should be concerned with? As a licenced member, we paid a lot for the facilities. Anything the Madani government can do?

What happens here is the microcosms of life in this country.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

If you have money, you can change the rules or make new rules. Your wealth connects you to the highest echelon of power. You can afford to be kurang ajar (behave rudely) because you have taken over the country.

Former deputy prime minister (DPM) Tun Musa Hitam once told UMNO delegates (years before he opted to retire and have a leisurely life of comfort) that Malays must learn to be kurang ajar. Otherwise, there is nothing left for them. How right he was but Malays found it hard to be like that. They did not know how.

The greedy Malays in power did not value themselves. They sold themselves cheap. They barter their lands, positions and political beliefs for a few bucks. Now, a whole generation must endure this deprivation and indignity.

What do they do now? They are now clutching at straws. They are asking for Islamic systems to be the new system in place of secular institutions. They want to abolish vernacular schools and ban concerts.

We do not have to go that far. Start with caring enough for your people. Those running government-linked companies (GLC) must not think of profit alone. Reduce the number of Malays doing Grab delivery. Think of them.

Improve the economy by making sure this government listens to you. Win more seats. Mobilise. As state governments still own the rights to the lands and minerals, there is a need to use them wisely.

The most difficult of all is learning from the past. Before discussing fairness to others, remember to be fair to your community. The others know how to take care of themselves. I am addressing this point to the Madani government in particular.

Don’t sell yourself cheap; if you have to barter, know the commercial value and not do anything that will compromise the interests of your community. The rich towkay, western conglomerates and Elon Musk are not going to help you. – Sept 2, 2023


Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is the former de facto law minister. This opinion first appeared as a Twitter post.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

Main pic credit: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s Facebook

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