Mahathir prepared to end ties with PKR in bid to be PM

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has issued an ultimatum that he is prepared to end relations with PKR if the party continued to oppose his nomination for the prime minister post.

In an exclusive with Sin Chew Daily, the former prime minister said he would stop working with PKR president Anwar Ibrahim if the impasse is not resolved.

He added that he would explore other means of becoming prime minister for the third time.

But Mahathir reiterated he would continue to work with DAP and Amanah as the two parties supported him for the prime minister post.

“I won’t cooperate with him (Anwar) anymore because he does not want to work with me. I need to find other ways to become PM. There might be some other ways,” he said.

News portal Malaysiakini contacted Mahathir’s aide for clarification as the quotes attributed to the former premier suggested that he had decided to shut the door on PKR.

But the aide said this was more of an ultimatum should Anwar and PKR continue to remain adamant.

Mahathir also said that if the option for him to become prime minister for six months before handing over the reins to Anwar collapsed, he would leave Pakatan Harapan Plus, a loose coalition consisting of PH, Sabah-based Warisan and Mahathir and his allies.

He also said PH and its predecessor Pakatan Rakyat failed to form government before he and Bersatu collaborated with them.

“They have been in the opposition for so long. Before I joined them, in 2008 and 2013, they tried to win but they lost. They couldn’t win.

“I joined them in GE14, and with enough Malay support, we won.

“They were very clear, they needed Malay votes to win and thought I could bring them Malay votes because Bersatu is a Malay party, and the Malays won’t support multiracial parties,” he said. – June 23, 2020

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