Etiqa contributes RM2 mil to help battle Covid-19
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ETIQA Insurance & Takaful is contributing RM1 mil for the purchase of ventilators through Mercy Malaysia in view of the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia and the shortage of ventilators in hospitals. It is also donating another RM1 mil to Mercy Malaysia’s Pandemic Fund, to support strategic preparedness and response plans to the virus crisis.

This initiative will also help ensure all communities are well-prepared, especially those with the weakest health systems, in addition to supporting the country’s formal health system through the Ministry of Health, as well as the Crisis Preparedness Response Centre (CPRC), the company said in a statement on March 24.

It is known that Covid-19 is a disease that targets a person’s lungs and can cause complications such as pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. In severe cases, patients will require the assistance of ventilators to bring enough oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

As the number of people infected with Covid-19 continues to increase in Malaysia, the number of ventilators available at designated hospitals will be insufficient to deal with the number of critical cases.

“As the largest insurance and takaful provider in Malaysia, we feel that it is our duty to help the country battle Covid-19. While the current situation is worrying, we sincerely hope that our contribution to Mercy Malaysia will mean that no patient will have to be denied life-saving care due to ventilator shortages,” said group CEO Kamaludin Ahmad. -- March 24, 2020

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