BUTTERWORTH: Southeast Asia’s leading super app Grab aims to ensure the system stability of its e-wallet app, GrabPay, as well as transparency for its users to enjoy a seamless and undisrupted cashless experience.

GrabPay managing director Ooi Huey Tyng said that GrabPay had received over hundreds of thousands of requests to receive RM30 in e-wallet balance as part of the e-Tunai Rakyat campaign.

She said one out of four users making the requests were first-time GrabPay users.

“Since the launch of the initiative on Jan 15, we are excited to share that our new GrabPay users have increased by six times, including Grab cash-based users who converted to embrace the GrabPay wallet,” she told reporters here today.

During the first day of the e-Tunai Rakyat campaign, one of the three participating e-wallet operators temporarily encountered technical errors whereby users were unable to verify their account or request for the RM30 balance due to the sudden spike in the number of e-wallet users.

Meanwhile, she also said that GrabPay and their competitors should work together with the Federal government to encourage Malaysians to adopt the habit of going cashless.

She said that today, the e-payment adoption in Malaysia currently stood at eight per cent, but she looked forward to the figure to double and even triple the amount after the campaign.

“We do not want users to simply use the app for one or two days just for the RM30. We want them to see the benefits of going cashless in the long run and make a habit of using e-wallet even after the campaign,” she added. – Jan 18, 2020, Bernama




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