Lack of interest in insurance among Malaysians, says Allianz

WHILE there is some interest in insurance by Malaysians, the sentiment is not shared by a large number of Malaysians, according to Allianz Malaysia Bhd.

“There is not a lot of interest in insurance by Malaysians. Some, but not a lot. We have to communicate to Malaysians that insurance is about finding a product that is suitable for you,” said Allianz CEO Zakri Khir, at the launch of the insurer’s latest offering.

This offering, known as Allianz Lifestyle Protect, is a comprehensive plan aimed at the protection of the lifestyles of Malaysians, which “incorporates the way we live in Malaysia,” according to Zakri.

The plan offers a total of 16 benefits across its categories, including coverage for the loss or damage of smart devices due to snatch theft, the loss of sports equipment, and even a lump sum payment for a snatch theft or attempted snatch theft.

The plan also offers online purchase protection, a compensation for the loss of goods purchased through non-delivery or fake sites, as well as benefits should an accident occur, such as credit card and loan indemnity, which would reimburse the amount required to pay at the date of an accident for credit cards, hire purchase loans, or mortgages if the policyholder is hospitalised.

Students will also benefit from the study interruption segment, which offers reimbursement of one semester’s fees should the policyholder be hospitalised, or should the student’s sponsor pass away due to an accident.

“Allianz Lifestyle Protect is more than preserving your lifestyle. It is also about safeguarding Malaysians from life’s daily risks as they carry on with their lifestyle,” said Zakri.

“Insurance is an equaliser, and we try to equalise the risk so that you can go on and continue to do the things that you like. In the event something untoward happens, we’ll be there to give you a little bit of protection to cover you so that you can stand up again and continue with your life,” he added.

At 12pm, Allianz’s shares were last done at RM14.34, up 8 sen, with 7,200 shares traded. – July 7, 2020

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