Takaful Ikhlas allocates RM140,000 for underprivilege groups
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TAKAFUL Ikhlas General Bhd, a subsidiary of MNRB Holdings Bhd, has allocated RM140,000 fund under the “Ramadan and Syawal Spending” programme to assist the underprivileged tide over their daily expenses and prepare for the Aidilfitri celebration.

The fund is contributed by participants of Takaful Ikhlas.

“Although we are facing the Covid-19 pandemic, Takaful Ikhlas continues its effort to help the less fortunate during Ramadan,” president and chief executive officer Eddy Azly Abidin said in a statement.

He said the contribution is being distributed to 14 mosques in various states that have Takaful Ikhlas’ branches, as well in Perlis and Penang which do not have its branches.

Every mosque would receive RM10,000 for distribution to the less fortunate to alleviate their burden.

“This is in line with our objective ‘Ikhlas with You’. This is one of our ways, on behalf of the participants, to give back to the society,” he said.

The contribution for the Ikhlasiah Mosque in Kampung Kerinchi, Pantai Dalam was handed over by Eddy Azly to its Islamic affairs officer and chief administrator Wan Mohd Rahim Yusoff at the Takaful Ikhlas headquarters on May 19.

Contributions to other mosques will be distributed in stages.

Apart from that, Takaful Ikhlas has allocated an additional fund for the breaking fast meals to 100 asnaf families (deserving recipients of zakat) and dialysis patients, as well as officers working under Perbadanan Islam Johor.

The company has also sponsored foods to the students of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia University College and University of Malaya’s Nilam Puri campus (Kelantan), who were stranded during the movement control order.

Portable showers were also donated to Kuala Lumpur Health Clinic frontliners, while financial aid was extended to the bottom 40% of the household income group (B40), hawkers, small traders, daily paid workers, and individual whose income had been badly affected. - May 23, 2020, Bernama







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