Malay netizens snub Tun M who now blames UMNO for being unsympathetic with Malay plight

STILL sore with the fact that his “Malay proclamation” gathering slated last weekend failed to take off, two-time former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has again vented his frustration on social media – this time around having an axe to grind with UMNO for failing to defend the Malay/Bumiputera interest.

Yet again, he found his attempt futile as Malay netizens are seemingly no longer on the same page with him.

Instead of echoing his viewpoint like how they would in the past, they gladly turned the table on their once beloved fourth and seventh prime minister (PM) – the bottom line of which is seemingly to get him a mirror so that he can self-reflect.

“Proclamations that do not affect other races are considered racist. If the Malays are not allowed to discuss the problems of the Malays and cannot touch other races – nor can they discuss the teachings of Islam – then the freedom of speech by the Malays will be vanished,” the master of political rhetoric ranted on his Facebook page, presumably to his Malay audience judging from the original post being in the Malay language.

“Is this the struggle of UMNO? Is this UMNO? Or has UMNO been used by a wicked leader who makes UMNO a tool to only fulfil his interest?”

Added the country’s longest serving PM to-date (24 years in total over two stints): “Dear UMNO members. Wake up. UMNO has lost its original struggle. UMNO party doesn’t exist anymore. What exists is the carcass that is being manipulated to rescue leaders who are embroiled in crime”.

Again, without further ado, below are 10 darndest rebuttals from Malay/Bumiputera netizens from over the 1,000 comments left behind by netizens of all races (as verbatim/literal as possible even though some comments may require translation):

Nordin Ishak: For almost 24 years in power, you only defended your cronies. Why were the Malays not defended? Now at your twilight years, you speak about defending the Malays. There are other Malay leaders out there who are no less great. They also love the Malay race.

Mohd Syarizal Mohd Salleh: Dear Lord Almighty, please give (Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) and (Datuk Seri Ahmad) Zahid (Hamidi) strength beyond strength, sight beyond sight, to counter the madness, lies and distortion of facts by Pejuang, GTA (Gerakan Tanah Air) & Perikatan Nasional (PN). Let us pray.

Mohd Ridzuan Ismail: He is the one who ruined UMNO but he (now) blames others.

Nahar Md Nor: The unity government also defends the Malay race! Don’t beat about the bush!

Saapilin Md Yassin: In his ultimate move, (Dr) Mahathir is now a desperado who uses the Malay and religion sentiments to gain the support of the Malays and Muslims at large.

While his struggle seems righteous, beware that he is an expert in the game of manipulation and that he’s apt at taking advantage.

Husaini Omar: Why must the Malays make any proclamation? The current government is on the right track, hence stop disturbing them. You have 22 years and 22 months … enough of the disaster.

Ash: The era of Mahathirism is over. He can talk and give views. But the community is literate. The damage is all caused by him. He can see the damage he left behind.

Ahmad Faisal Abdul Karim: 22 years of failure for Bumiputera to control 30% under the NEP (National Economic Policy) … Only his children will meet the target of becoming billionaires.

Azlynn Al-Shahab: Chedet (moniker for Dr Mahathir), please focus on worship in the month of Ramadan. You had your chance 22 years and 22 months ago. That’s enough!

Yahya Marsin: Tun is still in a dream and being delirious. Right now, every Malaysian is pointing finger at him … the cause of all damages (to the country). – March 25, 2023


Main pic credit: MYKMU.NET

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