Malay netizens warm up to Chinese father whose 8-year-old daughter feels Palestinian anguish

THIS Malaysian Chinese father certainly did not describe his reaction whether he was impressed, flabbergasted or full of pride that his eight-year-old daughter is able to express her anti-Israeli sentiment so vividly via her artwork.

“I’m Malaysian Chinese and my eight-year-old daughter has this on her door,” tweeted Timothy Tiah (@timothytiah) who apparently is also the founder of Colony Coworking Space & Events.

Apparently, what Tiah did was merely to respond to netizen Syed Muhd Qotaddah (@SMQotaddah) who had earlier posed the questions as to why “Malaysian Chinese are not participating in (the) boycott of Israel?”

“Many are oblivious to the reality although they are Malaysian citizens. Even Mat Salleh (slang for westerners) the world over have boycotted the Israelis. Where did we go wrong?”

Interestingly, Tiah’s tweet on X (formerly Twitter) has elicited positive responses from Malay/Muslim netizens who congratulated the parents for their daughter’s upbringing and that the little girl deserves a “big angpow” come the lunar new year.

Some netizens praised Tiah who was the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of 2015 for his good parenting skill.

In all fairness, the latest post by Tiah can somehow erase the perception that Malaysian Chinese ‘across the board’ are turning a blind eye to the plight of Palestinians.

“This reminds me of a viral video of Chinese teenagers justifying why the Chinese are not supportive (of the Palestinian cause),” recalled netizen Hus Mania (@OppaHuss). “Because they were taught from young not to meddle in other people’s affairs for fear of harm befallen them … I’ve understood this a long time ago,” – Dec 29, 2023

Main pic credit: Times of Israel

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