Malaysia continues to slip in global corruption index

MALAYSIA’S score in the Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2022 has dropped for the third year in a row, scoring 47 of 100 points in the index where 0 is perceived to be highly corrupted and 100 is perceived to be very clean.

This is compared to the country’s score of 48 points in 2021, 51 points in 2020 and 53 points in 2019, said TI Malaysia president Dr Muhammad Mohan.

“From a score of 53 in 2019, Malaysia’s score has fallen six points over the past three years. This drop is statistically significant, indicating that we are heading in the wrong direction with regards to fighting corruption, supporting human rights and democracy in the public sector,” he remarked.

Muhammad noted that the government of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim came into office in November 2022 with clear priorities being expressed whereby he highlighted that the nation’s “precarious fiscal position” required immediate attention.

The Prime Minister also stated his commitment to practicing good governance, transparency, integrity, and accountability in his government.

“TI-Malaysia believes that both goals are inter-related. Reducing corruption, leakages, wastage and non-viable projects will help improve our fiscal position,” Muhammad said.

“It will also make Malaysia a more attractive destination for foreign investment. Finally, a public sector that practices good governance will also translate into better CPI scores for Malaysia moving forward.”

Muhammad further pointed out that decisive and affirmative action to accelerate institutional reforms will go a long way towards improving the nation’s governance environment.

“These include practising transparency with information disclosure, improve accountability in public administration, introducing new legislation to strengthen governance, reform the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission into an independent institution, encouraging investigative journalism and reintroducing local council elections,” he asserted.

“TI-Malaysia calls on the Government to take firm, clear steps necessary to address our declining CPI score without compromise.

“Any delay will have long-lasting negative impact on our competitiveness as a nation and our goal to be a nation which values ethics and integrity.” – Jan 31, 2023


Main pic credit: GoinGlobal Blog

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