Malaysian Snapchatters love to shop online compared to other major countries

MALAYSIA emerged among the top countries in the world that prefers to buy products online, according to recent findings by Snap Inc. on the shopping preferences of Snapchatters around the globe during the holiday season.

From the findings, it showed that apart from Malaysia (72%), buying online is the preference in a majority of countries, including the UK (71%), and in the Netherlands (69%) and contactless pick-up and delivery has appealed to those in the Netherlands (44%), the UK (37%) and Malaysia (35%).

Pandemic precautions have already caused Snapchat users to adjust their shopping behaviours and habits.

One-third of Snapchatters globally report that they are making more purchases on their phones than they previously had, led by 52% in the UK, 50% in Indonesia, 48% in the Netherlands. Malaysia comes in close at 42%

On average, a quarter of Snapchatters across the globe like to shop when there are sales/deals to be had, mostly notably in Malaysia (31%) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) (26%).

There is also strong global interest in supporting smaller or local brands over larger, national brands, particularly among Snapchatters in the US, Australia, Norway, India, and Malaysia. – Dec 11, 2020

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