Malaysian voters should reject all pro-apartheid election candidates

MALAYSIA has policies that discriminate against minority races such as Chinese and Indians. These policies support apartheid, the racist system that is biased in support of one race, while harming others.

The recent issues with Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) only allowing Malay students and public universities having racial quotas show how common this discrimination is in Malaysia.

These racist policies divide Malaysians by race and deny equal opportunities to non-Malays just because of their ethnicity.

UiTM not accepting non-Bumiputera students is racial segregation. The quotas at public universities also discriminate against deserving non-Malay students.

Favouring race over merit holds Malaysia back from progress. The country cannot make full use of the talents of all its people when opportunities are limited by race.

This lack of meritocracy hurts innovation, productivity and competitiveness – key factors for a successful nation. It also makes the Malay community feel they need special privileges instead of having confidence in their own abilities.

With local elections happening soon and the next general election coming up, Malaysians should not vote for politicians who support apartheid policies.

Voting for them violates the principles of equality, meritocracy and unity – the foundations of a fair and harmonious Malaysia.

Politicians who enable these discriminatory policies claim they are helping the Malay community. But true progress cannot happen by discriminating against others based on race.

Instead, leaders should create equal opportunities through quality education, supporting businesses, and allowing everyone to succeed based on their efforts and talents, not their race.

Pro-apartheid politicians also take a passive approach to Malaysia’s apartheid problem– they accept these policies as “final,” without even questioning them.

This divides Malaysians and distracts from real issues like the economy, corruption and environment that affect everyone. Voting for them means more division instead of solving real problems together.

The first question every Malaysian voter should ask election candidates is: “Do you support apartheid?”

For a truly prosperous and peaceful Malaysia, we must embrace diversity, be inclusive and uphold equality and meritocracy. Rejecting pro-apartheid politicians in the upcoming elections shows we want a society of equal opportunity for all races. We have a choice, either to keep discriminating or unite for shared progress and success.

It is time to reject the politics of racism and division. By not voting for apartheid-supporting politicians, Malaysians can move the country forward as one people, celebrating diversity while giving every citizen an equal chance to contribute, regardless of race.

Only then will Malaysia be “Truly Asia”. – June 11, 2024


Athena Angel is a Focus Malaysia reader.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.


Main pic credit: The Star

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