Maxis takes stride towards sustainability with integration of EVs in field operations

MAXIS has initiated the integration of electric vehicles (EVs) into its field operations, setting a precedent for Malaysian telecommunications companies to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace clean energy solutions.

This strategic shift underscores Maxis’ unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, aimed at minimising environmental impact and fostering a greener future.

The inaugural fleet of EVs consists of six BYD Dolphin extended-range vehicles, strategically deployed by Maxis’ mobile and fiber operations teams in the Central and Northern regions.

Maxis chief network officer Abdul Karim Fakir emphasised the company’s dedication to innovation beyond telecommunications technology, propelling them towards a more sustainable future.

“Our commitment to innovation goes beyond telecommunications technology, driving us towards a more sustainable future. We believe this initiative not only reduces our operational costs and enhances efficiency but also reflects our dedication to fostering positive change within our industry.

“Adopting EVs also aligns with Maxis’ broader efforts to contribute to global initiatives that address climate change to create a more lasting positive impact on the planet.”

Moreover, as part of the company’s fleet refresh strategy, Maxis aims to systematically replace all its two-wheel drive vehicles in metro and urban sites with EVs over the next five years. Currently, 40 such vehicles are in active service.

Furthermore, the decision follows a successful proof-of-concept trial conducted last year, where Maxis leased two EVs for operations support. The insights gained from this pilot program empowered the Network and Sustainability teams to advance the EV initiative, culminating in the recent announcement.

The company has also established solar-powered EV charging infrastructure at its Subang Hi-Tech, Sungai Besi, Kepong, Rawang, Nilai, Seberang Prai and Johor Bahru Technical Operation Centres (TOCs) to better serve its growing EV fleet.  – Jan 24, 2023



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