Maybank introduces enhanced security measure: Secure2u activation via ATMs

MALAYAN Banking Bhd (Maybank) has announced a significant enhancement to its online banking authorisation process in a bid to bolster its security infrastructure and combat the rising tide of financial scams.

Customers registering for Secure2u for the first time or on a new device must activate the service through any Maybank automated teller machine (ATM) nationwide starting Oct 31, 2023.

Secure2u is an integral component of Maybank2u and MAE transactions that utilises Secure Verification (one-tap approval) and Secure TAC (6-digit TAC number generated on the MAE app) to ensure secure online transactions.

However, to further safeguard customers against unauthorised transactions and fraudulent activities, Maybank has introduced this additional measure requiring physical activation at ATMs.

Upon activation via ATM, customers will be able to approve transactions using Secure2u after a 12-hour cooling-off period. This delay aims to provide an added layer of security, allowing Maybank to analyse scam trends and transaction patterns continuously.

“By allowing customers to perform self-activation of Secure2u via ATM, they can better control their online banking authorisation process by physically verifying their identity at the ATM, heightening supervision over their accounts and ultimately, safeguard their monies from scammers,” said Maybank Community Financial Services group chief executive officer Datuk John Chong.

Moreover, the activation process involves two steps: customers must first register for Secure2u on the MAE app and then activate Secure2u using their debit, credit or charge card PIN number at any of the 3,000 Maybank ATMs nationwide.

This new measure, designed to curb unauthorised access and financial scams ensures that customers are the sole approvers of their Secure2u registration.

“The 12-hour cooling-off period may vary as the bank continuously analyses scam trends and transaction patterns.

“The measure is imperative, and acts as an additional layer to thwart scammers as it ensures that customers are the sole approvers of their Secure2u registration,” added Chong.

Furthermore, customers are encouraged to take advantage of this enhanced security feature to protect their online transactions effectively. – Oct 26, 2023

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