MCA: “Investigate companies offering middlemen services for foreign workers”

MCA has called for the authorities to conduct immediate and transparent investigation into any companies found to offer middlemen services for matters related to foreign workers, including those detained at immigration detention camps, purportedly for the welfare of foreign workers working in Malaysia.

MCA international affairs and party diplomacy bureau chairman Datuk Nicole Wong Siaw Ting said Human Resources Minister Steven Sim Chee Keong also needs to come forward and give an explanation on this issue to prevent from misleading the public.

Similarly, Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil also needs to act immediately to block and shut down social media sites or websites that are proven to have contravened the laws of the country, she added.

“Although in recent days, Malaysian enforcement teams have embarked on crackdowns at areas with a concentration of illegals, this does not mean that Malaysia is an unfriendly country to foreigners, in particular, migrant workers who are employed here,” Wong remarked.

“In fact, Malaysia recognises and appreciates the contributions and roles of migrant workers from any country, so long as they do not conduct themselves in any demeanour which violates our laws.”

She said therefore, any unauthorised existence of websites or middlemen services to resolve issues related to foreigners need to be tackled.

“Moreover, the government today is actively working towards the elimination of middleman in order to preserve good governance and stamp out corruption and power abuse,” she asserted.

“In fact, every foreign worker in this country is always protected both in terms of welfare and safety throughout their stay here.”

The Star reported earlier today (Jan 12) that a company is providing a one-stop online application system that deals with foreign workers’ welfare management centres, labour supply, counselling services and even immigration detention camps.

However, the foreign missions here have no knowledge about this company or its services.

Indonesian ambassador Hermono has denied any involvement with the company as far as the republic’s migrant workers in Malaysia are concerned.

His office is now considering action against the company for using the country’s national emblem. – Jan 12, 2024


Main pic credit: The Star

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