“MCA Selangor in GE preparation mode to regain voter confidence,” says party leader

AN MCA leader said the party must strive to reconnect with voters and establish closer rapport with young adults, adding that it needs to act in a more pragmatic manner and gain a deeper understanding of meeting voter expectation to woo their support in the next Selangor state polls.

MCA vice president Datuk Lawrence Low said over the past general elections and the Selangor state polls, the party was unable to effectively secure voter support, especially among youth voters.

“This factor cannot be disputed nor ignored and MCA must work strenuously to reconnect with young adults, and take practical measures in tackling issues,” said Low, who is also the MCA Selangor state liaison committee chairman.

Datuk Lawrence Low (Pic credit: MCA)

“Given the current difficult economic environment, a comprehension of meeting voter expectation is no exception.

We must strive to achieve victory in future Selangor state elections, and I believe, many grassroots share this same voice.”

Low said the people are currently confronted with “severe economic challenges”, saying that instead of a reduction, new or increased taxes are slapped on citizens while the prices of goods continue to rise.

“Malaysians are fed up with the war of words between politicians. Instead, they hope that elected representatives will take pragmatic solutions to solve their immediate financial problems,” he remarked.

“The added burdens inflict more pressure on the common person on the street, more so, after the government levied and increased various taxes this year.

“For example, the service tax (6% to 8), low value goods tax for items purchased from overseas e-commerce platforms (8%), traditional and complementary medicine services tax (8%), spikes in water and electricity tariffs, and others.”

Low further noted that despite being a part of the unity government, MCA does not participate in the highest decision-making on policies on either federal or state level.

He said nevertheless, MCA remains committed towards its role to monitor and act as a check and balance force in Selangor, adhering to the spirit of engagement in dialogue, discussing and tackling issues affecting the people.

“If the government enacts and implements effective policies, MCA will definitely support them. However, if the government executes lousy policies, MCA will speak out for the rakyat and provide constructive recommendations and plans,” Low stressed.

“MCA will continue to serve as the conscience within the unity government, always prioritising the interests of citizens and the nation above all else, and ensure that any decision-making by the government is fair and transparent.” – Feb 8, 2024


Main pic credit: Malaysiaaktif

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