MCA Youth calls for introduction of Madani Youth Economic Congress

MCA YOUTH has urged the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim-led unity government to introduce a more inclusive Madani Youth Economic Congress that focuses on empowering the youth in the country.

According to the party’s youth wing information chief Neow Choo Seong, young adults are increasingly struggling with a host of issues including unemployment, underemployment, and an overall lack of career opportunities.

“It is essential to dispel the misconception that young people are picky about jobs. Instead, we need to recognise that they need opportunities that are meaningful and contribute to their personal and professional growth,” he said in a statement on Tuesday (Dec 12).

Emphasising the need for a paradigm shift beyond sporadic events and carnivals, Neow said the proposed Madani Youth Economic Congress would be a comprehensive, sustained platform for the government to create job opportunities, introduce incentives and foster youth entrepreneurship.

The Congress, he said, could be a game-changer by providing young Malaysians with comprehensive training, mentorship and support services required to start and grow their own businesses.

“The government’s commitment to facilitating the global expansion of youth-led businesses will not only enhance our country’s reputation but also contribute to a thriving economy proudly marked by products and services bearing the ‘Made in Malaysia’ label,” Neow added.

“MCA Youth is confident that by implementing this initiative, the government can empower young Malaysians to overcome current challenges such as the rising cost of living and difficulties in purchasing their first property.

“By prioritising youth empowerment and providing them with the necessary support, the government can effectively tap into the talent and ingenuity of its young population and secure a brighter country for the nation.” – Dec 12, 2023

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