MCA Youth: “Why the delay in revealing identity, action against minister whose vehicle tailgated ambulance?”

AN MCA Youth leader has questioned the delay in the Transport Ministry’s (MOT) move to reveal the identity and name of the minister whose luxury multipurpose vehicle had allegedly tailgated an ambulance to beat a traffic jam.

MCA Youth secretary-general Saw Yee Fung said as the government’s database and systems on vehicle ownership and the individual’s identity are integrated, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) “does not need rocket science” to trace the vehicle owner as the vehicle’s registration plate is in plain sight.

Saw was referring to an incident on Feb 3 where a vehicle emblazoned with the word “Menteri” reportedly tailgated an ambulance in an apparent attempt to bypass the congestion caused by an accident on the North-South Expressway between Simpang Pulai and Tapah in Perak.

“After several days of elegant silence despite netizens expressing outrage at a vehicle emblazoned with a ‘Menteri’ emblem tailgating an ambulance, Transport Minister Anthony Loke has finally conceded that he will offer an explanation soon. But how much longer does the public need to wait before that ‘soon’ arrives?” she asked.

“Moreover, why does Loke need a few days to come up with an explanation? Is Pakatan Harapan or MOT thinking and trying to churn up excuses to justify the said minister’s action of tailgating an ambulance, despite this incident having placed the lives of road users in danger?”

During a press conference following the launch of the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) open payment system at the Ipoh Railway Station yesterday (Feb 8), Loke was reported as saying that he will issue an explanation about the matter soon.

On this matter, Saw said transparency is needed and Loke should be forthcoming in identifying the said minister and revealing the action that will be taken against the minister and the driver of the vehicle, adding that “netizens and the public expect nothing less”.

“Pakatan Harapan (PH) came into power on the cries of ‘reformasi’, ‘Save Malaysia’, ‘justice’, ‘transparency’, ‘good governance’ and ‘an end to nepotism and cronyism’, among many others,” she added.

“Hence, voters expect the Malaysia Madani unity government, and in this case, the MOT to exercise equal implementation of the law, not double standards.

“PH, Loke and the Malaysia Madani government cannot be selective nor delay enforcing of the law simply due to the ‘Menteri’ plate on the luxury multipurpose vehicle.

“To practise double standards is a complete rebuff, and even an outright bluff against voters who delivered PH and DAP the mandate.” – Feb 9, 2024


Main pic credit: Malaysia Gazette

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